20% Still Call Google Search Console, Webmaster Tools

So while about half of you call Google Ads, Google AdWords, only 20% of you call Google Search Console, Webmaster Tools. I ran a poll for both to see if the new branding is sticking and clearly, it takes time but the new brand does for the most part stick.

Google rebranded Webmaster Tools (previously Sitemaps) 6 years ago to Google Search Console. Whereas, Google Ads was rebranded only 3 years ago, plus the AdWords name has been around much longer than the Webmaster Tools name.

That being said – I received over 1,600 votes on this Twitter poll and 20% of you said you still call it Google Webmaster Tools but 80% of you call it Google Search Console.

Here is the poll:

Here is a screenshot if it fails to load for you:

I wonder why still 20% of you still call it Webmaster Tools? Is it because Bing calls theirs Webmaster Tools?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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