6 Months Since The Last Google Core Update, Google Promises To Announce When One Launches

It is just about six months since the last Google core update (5 months and 25 days) since the December 2020 core update. We have not had a core update in all of 2021. And no, Google did not release any official core update this year, despite all those unconfirmed updates.

Danny Sullivan of Google said on Twitter that Google did not stop announcing them, and plans to announce them when there is another Google broad core update released. But as of now, there has not been a new broad core update in almost six-months.

Danny Sullivan said “we have not stopped that practice,” when asked if Google is no longer announcing these core updates. “There have been no broad core updates,” he later added.

Here are those tweets:

So be patient and wait it out – one day we will get that core update, I suspect sooner than later and maybe you will be happy with the outcome or maybe you will not.

I just hope Google does not release it with the page experience update or another update.

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