Did SEOs Work Over The Christmas Holiday Break?

With all the changes and updates Google made recently, I wondered if some SEOs felt they couldn’t take off over the Christmas weekend holiday. Google gave us permission to take off but did you?

It seems like most of you did based on this very unscientific and not statistically sound poll I did on Twitter.

I asked yesterday morning “Did you work over the Christmas holiday?” I assume those who took off the week did not see my poll, so I assume whatever the numbers showed, that those who took off over Christmas and the rest of this week were not counted here.

There is over 500 responses to the poll and almost 50% said they did not work at all over Christmas, whereas 20% said they worked a lot and 33% said they worked a little over the break. Here is the Twitter poll:

Again, I suspect the people in SEO who worked over the weekend Christmas holiday was a lot lower than this poll shows.

As I covered before here are some of the recently confirmed updates:

And actually more confirmed ones and plenty of unconfirmed updates.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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