Does Google Not Confirm More Updates To Reduce Fear, Worry & Anxiety?

Do you think Google thinks about how webmasters, SEOs, site owners, publishers would react when it confirms a Google Search algorithm update, prior to announcing it? Does Google think about the worry, fear or anxiety it might cause by confirming or pre-announcing an update?

I am not asking if it is better to confirm these updates or not, for mental health. But I am asking if you think Google considers it when deciding which updates to confirm or pre-announce?

This came up because I tweeted that Google cannot win when it comes to confirming or not confirming updates. Here is my tweet:

John Mueller of Google then replied to a related tweet saying “Yeah, change-aversion is real, especially when it’s associated with something that potentially affects your income. Finding the balance between informing about changes, and reducing worry (often unnecessary worry), is tricky.”

Here is the context:

Now, do you think Google actually thinks about this prior to pre-announcing or confirming an update? I wonder.

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