Email From Microsoft Bing After Site Block Is Removed

So we know Google has manual actions where a site can be impacted in terms of how it ranks in Google Search. Well, Microsoft Bing doesn’t necessarily have manual actions but they do take action against some sites manually. Here is an email from Sunny, an SEO, where Microsoft said they removed a block on a site.

The email says, “I am happy to provide you information that our product review group succeeded in removing the block of the site. After submitting your site to be reviewed the team has decided to lift the block and now upon checking I could see the site has started serving in Bing SERP.”

The email goes on to say that they are “unable to provide you the specifics of the block as our product review team does not share details of the block.”

Here is a copy of the email from Sunny on Twitter:

I do wonder if that site sees as good as a ranking after the site block is removed, as it did prior to the site block being in place. I assume so with Bing…

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