Facebook Renames To Meta & Google Search Results Adapt Fast

The big news yesterday was that Facebook announced its new company name – Meta. Yes, Facebook’s company name is Meta. Like meta data, meta tag, and all the other metas that Google Search might have ranked prior. But when Facebook’s announcement came out – the Google Search results adapted quickly to rank this breaking news.

I am not going to get into why Facebook renamed to Meta, you can the hundreds of articles on that on Techmeme. But as a search geek, it was impressive to see how quickly Google’s search results picked up on the change and began ranking this news and content for Meta.

That is a screen recording I took an hour or so after the announcement and the first organic result there is the Facebook announcement. Look at the results yourself for the keyword [meta].

Danny Sullivan had a earlier screen shot:

This is what it looked like before:

I like the joke John Mueller made on the topic:

John added:

In any event, I am sure SEOs are having a blast with this news.

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