Frederic Dubut Leaving Microsoft After 8 Years Working On Bing

Frederic Dubut, the PM Lead for the Microsoft Bing Core Ranking team, has announced that after 13 years with Microsoft and over 8 years with the Bing team, he is leaving the company. He said “earlier this month, I closed the chapter on 13+ years at Microsoft.”

He shared his email to his team on LinkedIn, here is a snippet of it:

I joined Microsoft when I was 23, right after grad school (technically even during – my MSc thesis was also my Microsoft internship). Saying that Microsoft and Bing have had a profound effect on my life can only be an understatement. It would be impossible to describe the whirlwind of emotions as I write these words, or even scratch the surface of all the memories in just one email… so I will (mostly) not try. But this farewell goodbye wouldn’t be complete without some thanks.

Thank you Janine for taking such a huge bet, bringing this random French dude, with barely 2 years of work experience, all the way from Europe, to manage the Bing crawler 😲. Everything good that’s happened to me in the last decade has derived from it. I am forever grateful, and I have been trying to pay it forward as much as I could since then.

Here is his words to the SEO community, with a little ranking joke…

I had the honor of interviewing Frederic Dubut on my vlog, it was an excellent conversation:

We also covered when Frederic Dubut got married to his amazing wife, no, I was not invited.

Congrats Frederic – I am sure whatever is next will be an amazing journey!

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