Google Ads Account Suspensions Over Violating Webmaster Guidelines

Google Ads has a policy that it can immediately and without notice, suspend your Google Ads account, if you violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This is not a new policy, it goes back years and years but it may surprise some folks that there is this overlap between organic and paid search.

You can see the guideline over here:

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It says “The following is not allowed: Engaging in practices that violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Examples (non-exhaustive): Keyword stuffing, cloaking, sneaky redirects, doorway pages, spamming social network sites.” Google said “violations of this policy will not lead to immediate account suspension without prior warning. A warning will be issued, at least 7 days, prior to any suspension of your account.”

Again, this is not new, but it is important to repeat:

Have any of you ever received a Google Ads account suspension over a webmaster guidelines violation?

This kind of reminds me of the time where Google added a webmaster guideline that disallows block ads and then the following day removed that guideline.

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