Google Ads Custom Columns Redesign, New Metrics & Functions

PPCGreg posted on Twitter that Google Ads has updated the design and look for the custom columns and also added some new metrics and the ability to use functions.

Here is the new look shared by Greg:

click for full size

Custom columns allow you to define and view specific parts of your Google Ads data. For example, instead of reviewing all your CTRs (clickthrough rates) in one column, you could create a custom column that would display your “desktop CTRs” and “mobile CTRs” only. You can tailor custom columns to display specific views of your data, and quickly see the information that is most important to you, Google explained. Google first launched custom columns in Google Ads reporting almost ten years ago.

There are about a few dozen functions for custom columns you can now use in Google Ads here.

Do you like it?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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