Google Ads Enables Creating Sub-Managers Accounts Via Existing Manager Accounts

Google Ads announced that it is now easier to create sub-manager accounts. You can now create these sub-manager accounts from within your existing manager accounts, in addition to where you created them before. Beforehand, you have been able to create these accounts on the manager account homepage. This is not going away, Google is adding an additional method for adding these sub-accounts.

Once you link your manager account in Google Ads to another manager account in Google Ads, you have the ability to make that linked account the manager for some of your client accounts. That linked manager account then becomes a sub-manager in your manager account. See the example below for how you can create and use sub-managers.

You can create your new manager accounts directly from the Performance page and sub-account settings page in Google Ads. As part of this update, you no longer need to have a user assigned to a sub-manager account. In addition, you can now remove users from your existing sub-manager accounts. This makes it easier for you to stay under the limit of 20 Google Ads accounts per Google account, Google said.

You can learn more in this help document.

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