Google Ads Insights Page Available Globally

After several months of teasing and testing and rolling out betas, the new Insights page is now available to all Google Ads advertisers no matter where on the planet they live. Google said that starting on April 14th, yesterday, “the Insights page is available to all advertisers globally.”

The Google Ads Insights page makes it easy for you to explore insights and emerging trends based on your business. The example given by Google is, “let’s say you’re a pet store looking to reach more customers. With the Insights page, you can see rising demand for “dog subscription boxes” and “dog toys”. You can then act on these trends by creating campaigns to reach new pet owners, or even explore selling dog care packages.”

“The Insights page surfaces trends tailored to your business, so you can see if you’re keeping up with demand for trending products or services,” Google added.

Here is what it looks like, if you have not seen it yet (click to enlarge the image):

click for full size

Here is the Google help document on this insights page. Google said The insights page helps you identify trends in your market and understand your performance. You’ll see current and emerging interest in the products or services most relevant to your business.

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