Google Analytics Showing Google News Showcase Discover Traffic

It seems like Google Analytics is now showing some of Google Discover traffic, likely from the Google News Showcase. If you check your acquisition, source and medium traffic, you may see [newsshowcase / discover] in the list.

Vishal Marathe was the first to spot this and post about it on Twitter, from what I can tell:

Valentin Pletzer and Glenn Gabe dug in and discovered this was likely coming from the Google News Showcase product. Valentin wrote “Looks like Google News showcase does attach utm-parameters to the URLs.” Glenn Gabe added “Yep, I’m seeing that too starting on Thursday 7/29. And when you dimension by country, it’s from countries running Google News Showcase.”

It also can show up in your real time view in GA:

This is a nice addition but it does not yet show all Google Discover traffic yet, I don’t think.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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