Google Announced Sustainability With Google Including Eco-Friendly Map Routes, Flights & More

This morning, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, announced a slew of initiatives that Google is taking to make their efforts more sustainable and eco-friendly. This includes new features in Google Flight Search, Google Maps and also across Nest, their offices, server farms and more.

Here is the video of the announcement:

Here is Sundar’s tweet:

The search related changes involve Google Flights, Google Maps, Shopping and more.

Here is Google Flights that show carbon emissions per seat for every flight:

We also recently saw eco-friendly hotel listings.

With Google Shopping, when people are searching for home appliances. When you search for energy-intensive products like furnaces, dishwashers or water heaters, suggestions in the Google Shopping tab will help narrow your search to cost-effective and sustainable options.

Google Maps will let you choose the most fuel-efficient route:

Google Search will also make it easier to see hybrid and electric vehicle options, compare them against gas-powered models, and find rebates so you know the true cost before you buy.

Plus, Google Finance will show you if the companies are sustainable.

Plus a lot more on this front, including more efficient traffic light algorithms – learn more over here.

Here is a nice recap video of the search specific items I mentioned above:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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