Google Begins Google My Business Suspension Email Notifications

In July 2020 Google told us they would begin to notify businesses when they are suspended from Google My Business. Instead of just being suspended and being labeled as such in Google My Business, Google would send out email notifications. Well, now I am seeing reports of such suspension email notifications.

Ben Fisher shared on such notification on Twitter the other day, he said “GMB providing details around a suspension in depth. Note the account may be closed warning.”

Here is a screenshot:

You can see it tells the business why it was suspended, in this case, the address used in the business profile doesn’t match the physical location of the business. Google then lists out some of the guideliens around addresses in Google My Business.

Lluc Berrio Penycate shared a suspension notice he received from Google My Business over a duplicate listing issue:

click for full size

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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