Google Core Updates Can Impact Product Review Sites

To double check, Glenn Gabe asked Danny Sullivan of Google if there was a product reviews update that happened at the same time or so as the June 2021 core update. The answer from Danny Sullivan of Google was no, if a product reviews site was impacted, it was “almost certainly related to” the core update, he said.

Glenn Gabe shared this tweet, showing how a site impacted by the original product reviews update in April saw another impact when the June 2021 core update rolled out.

As you can see, Danny has confirmed a product reviews update is most likely not to credit or blame for this product reviews site being impacted during the core update – but rather the core update is the reason behind the traffic change.

It makes sense that product review sites can be impacted by core updates and not just product review updates, since (a) product review updates are similar to core updates and (b) any algorithm or signal can impact almost any site for any given reason.

But it is good to know Google did not release a product reviews update with this core update.

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