Google December 2021 Products Reviews Update Won’t Be Done Rolling Out Until Right Before Christmas

Google started to roll out the December 2021 product reviews update on Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Google said then it would take about three weeks to fully roll out, which means probably around December 22nd, a couple days before Christmas eve.

This product reviews update feels very big – in fact, the tremors have continued through this week – keeping many SEOs on their toes.

Melissa Fach, an SEO who wants to know when she can go on Christmas vacation, asked Danny Sullivan of Google when the update will be done the other day. Danny referenced the original tweet which said about three weeks after it started to roll out:

She basically responded, so there goes Christmas for her.

We went over the timing of the November 2021 core update rolling out weeks before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season and then right after, Google pushed out this product reviews update rolling out until just hours before Christmas Eve. I am not sure timing here was great.

I hope you are all not stressing too much about the timing of this update rollout and your holiday/vacation.

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