Google Discover New Guideline Won’t Show Some New Forms Of Content

Google updated its Google Discover guidelines to specify that it won’t show “content that’s not desired or that might confuse readers.” Google specifically gave these examples of content that it might not show in Google Discover:

  • Job applications
  • Petitions
  • Forms
  • Code repositories
  • Satirical content without any context

Here is the paragraph that was added to these guidelines:

To deliver a good user experience, Discover seeks to present content that’s suitable for interest-based feeds, such as articles and videos, as well as filter out content that’s not desired or that might confuse readers. For example, Discover might not recommend job applications, petitions, forms, code repositories, or satirical content without any context.

I do want to apologize for the “click-bait” headline, I just did not know how to fit all the details into the headline without it wrapping on forever. So I tried my best to outline it in bullet format above so it is quick to consume.

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