Google Doodle For Seasonal Holidays

Google has this interesting Christmas looking Doodle on its home page today with the alt tag that says Seasonal Holidays 2021. When you click on it, it goes to a query for [seasonal holidays].

Tonight begins the holiday of Chanukah, so maybe that is why they put up the Christmas decorations logo? A few days ago, Google did place their Hanukkah decorations up for the 2021 season – but you do need to search for [chanukah], [hanukkah] or other alternatives to see it.

Are there other seasonal holidays this week? Kwanza is not until December 26th, Christmas is not until December 25th. Thanksgiving is over.

Maybe Google should have gone with a blueish light theme for the Doodle today?

If you are aware of any holidays this week, do let me know?

Happy seasonal holidays to all of you!

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