Google Full Width Auto Complete Search Suggestions With People Also Ask / Search For

Google has been testing showing more in the autocomplete search suggestions drop down bar as you type since September 2020 and then more so again in August 2021. Now it seems like the full width autocomplete search suggestions with people also ask and people also search for is rolling out.

The way to trigger this, as Brodie Clark explained on Twitter is to do a search, then click in the search bar once and then the menu should come up. I can replicate it and I created of GIF of how this works so you can try it yourself:

I guess this goes with the trend of full width images and the full width map local pack and so on.

Over the past week or so, tons and tons of people have been asking me about this search suggest autocomplete drop down layout – so a lot of people have been seeing it.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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