Google June 2021 Core Update, News Trust Signals, UGC Penalties, CLS Metrics & Google Ads Cryptocurrencies

It was a pretty busy week, with Google releasing a new core update after not having one is about six months. This core update is named the June 2021 Core Update and Google said part two of this update will rollout next month, the July 2021 core update. I spend a lot of time going through this update and what we are seeing and not seeing thus far. Google also posted an article on the Google News article based and site wide based trust factors and signals. Google hinted they might increase enforcement of user generated content spam in Google Search. Google pushed out the updated scores for the CLS metric in Google Search Console. Google improved the regular expressions filter by adding support for negative matching. Google also said it might improve the 404 vs 410 reporting in Search Console. Google search is testing a learn more header for the people also ask. Google added six new math solver rich result problem types. Google said the reverse image search will come closer to the Google Lens features. Google released documents on DuplexWeb-Google, the Google Assistant Bot. Google has an Assistant app where you can add your business to Google My Business using your voice. Google now lets businesses hide their phone numbers in their business profiles. Google is testing a “new on Google” label in the local pack and results. Google My Business won’t let you create or edit your short names anymore. Google Merchant Center added a policy status for “website needs improvements.” Google Ads will soon allow crypto currency companies to advertise on Google Ads. Microsoft Bing launched a “explore this page” feature that digs into the topics covered on that web page. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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