Google Local Inventory Design, Ship To Store & Offline Sales Feed

Google is doing some interesting things in local search, not just with renaming Google My Business but with new user interface features and Google Ads offline sale sales integrations.

(1) Google Local Ship to Store Ads:

Here is a local ad feature in Google that shows Ship to store in the local results. This was spotted by Saad AK on Twitter:

(2) New design rolling out for local inventory in the local pack spotted by Joy Hawkins on Twitter:

(3) You can add store sales to your Smart Bidding to grow online and in-store sales for Google Ads. This was announced here “retail and restaurant advertisers can use Smart Bidding for store sales to optimize bids for in-store transactions, not just visits. For example, advertisers can upload their first-party, transaction data in a privacy-safe way to optimize for store sales conversions for Search and Shopping campaigns—with the goal of driving additional sales in stores.”

Local keeps getting more and more interesting, don’t you think?

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