Google Local Pack Without Any Buttons For Calling Or Directions

If you search for [restaurants near me] in Google Search mobile or desktop, you will see the local three pack and map but you won’t see buttons to call the restaurant or directions or a way to order online. You will not see any call to action buttons, or at least I don’t and many others do not.

Maybe you see something different, but I see what Ben Heligman sees. Ben is in Kansas, I am in New York and we both see listings (from different restaurants) without call to action buttons. Here is the screen shot Ben shared on Twitter a while back and it is still the same:

click for full size

Google’s local pack results has recently been testing showing up without the map, placing the map on the right side and without directions icons – so this doesn’t surprise me.

I guess Google wants you to do one more click to get to what you need to get to.

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