Google Math Solvers Rich Results Now A Filter In The Search Console Performance Report

Google has added yet another filter options to the Google Search Console performance report. This is under the “search appearance” filters that list over a dozen specific search result types or features. You can now see “Math Solvers” which is a newish rich result that help people solve math problems in Google Search.

Here is the announcement:

Google added structured data and debugging tools for Math Solver rich results back in March of this year. We first saw these results in the Google Search results back in late December 2020. Google then added six more problem types to Math Solvers markup in June. Now Google is giving us a way to see how well these Math Solver rich results perform in Search Console’s performance report.

I do not have this option, but if you go to your performance report and click on the “new” and “search appearance” option, you may see “Math Solvers.” That is if you have structured data for it and you appear in Google Search for that structured data:

click for full size

Here is the list that may contain “Math Solver”:

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