Google My Business Call History Now Showing Call Data

After months of Google teasing us with the preview call history section and showing us no data, now Google is showing call history data to some local businesses in the Google My Business console. John Smith shared a screen shot showing that he sees answered and missed calls, with caller ID information; i.e. name and phone number in this report.

He shared this screen shot with me on Twitter:

I personally do not see this option, but if you login to your Google My Business account and see a section for “preview call history”, you may be able to see this data, here is what it looks like:

click for full size

It seems to show the number of answered and missed calls, with a history of when each called, if you answered the call or missed the call, with the name and phone number of that caller. This is some serious information, of course, if they called, you’d have that caller ID information anyway on your phone. But you wouldn’t necessarily know they called through Google Maps or Google Search.

Here is a bit more on the data collected:

Brodie Clark posted a much deeper dive on this just minutes ago, if you want to learn more.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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