Google Posts Job Postings Structured Data Opportunity

Google posted a new blog post that they “uncovered an opportunity to improve your job posting pages.” I just find this to be a weird way for Google to write about this topic. In short, Google wants you to put more details in the description section of your job postings structured data.

Bobby Panczer, Software Engineer, at Google wrote that this new uncovered opportunity “only takes a few changes to the description field.” In the description section of a posting in the jobs experience on Google Search, we only present text that is included in the description property. That’s why it’s important to include information about job qualifications, skills, benefits, etc. in the description field.

In short, include more details in your description property of the job posting structured data – that is the tip, the is the uncovered opportunity.

Google added “To make sure users can view the full job description in the jobs experience on Google Search, review the description field and make sure it includes all information that you may have included only in specific fields (like the qualifications property). You don’t need to remove the more specific fields; just make sure that you also include the same information in the description property itself.”

Google added a screen shot and code example to the blog post – which I am not sure match 100% but it conveys the point.

Personally, I found the blog post worded in an interesting way – am I crazy?

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