Google Product Reviews Update Can Impact Your Discover Traffic

Google told us that the product reviews update is a lot like the core update in many ways but it is not a core update. So I asked if like core updates, can the product reviews update impact your Google Discover traffic. The answer is yes, yes it can.

I did add this tidbit of information to my growing story on the Google product reviews update but I wanted to make sure it didn’t go missing, so I am pulling this insight out.

Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed on Twitter that your Google Discover traffic can be impacted as a result of this product reviews update. Here are the tweets where he confirmed this:

This Google products review update seemed to be a big one for sites with review content and affiliate sites – and yes, I am still tracking how big. But I recommend that you hit the highlights of this update again at my original story, as I have been updating it with more facts from Google.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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