Google Says Currently No Need For Special Legal Interstitials / Banners Requirements

Google has said before that legal interstitials are fine and you don’t really have to worry about any penalty or ding for those types of legal banners. But John Mueller of Google said the other day that the search company actually thought of coming up with “proposal for implementing legal interstitials / banners” but decided it was not currently needed.

John said on Twitter “We’ve considered making a proposal for implementing legal interstitials / banners, but so far things seem reasonable, and adding more “requirements / recommendations” just adds extra work.”

In short, for now, don’t worry about how specifically legal/consent interstitials will impact your site in Google Search, even with the new rules coming to desktop pages. Google clearly understands that some sites require these intrusive interstitials for legal reasons and has to make an exception for it there.

Here are those tweets:

So for now, don’t worry about it.

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