Google Says Don’t Link All Your Pages To All Your Pages

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that while it is not only okay but also expected for many sites to link from their home page to all of their internal pages, that it is not recommended to link from all of your webpages to all of your webpages.

John said “It’s fine to link to the homepage from all other pages (that’s almost expected). I would just make sure not to link to all pages from all pages (unless it’s a really small website). Make a clear site structure and show it with internal links.”

Now, of course if you have a large site with thousands and thousands of pages, you cannot be expected that each of those thousands of pages, link to the rest of your thousands of pages. But if you have a site of a hundred pages or so, that is always feasible.

Even large sites can’t really link from its homepage to all its internal pages, it is just not feasible from a user experience perspective. And honestly, that is okay, Google said you don’t need to link all your pages from your home page.

So think more about user experience when it comes to your site navigation and links on your site and don’t think too much (maybe a little) about Google.

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