Google Says Moving Navigation From Top Of Code To Bottom Is Not A Problem

Google’s John Mueller was asked if moving the navigation in your HTML code from the top of the source code to the bottom, while using positioning techniques to render the navigation at the top (not the bottom) – if that would cause any issues. John Mueller said on Twitter “that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Here are those tweets:

Now, this really is not new, people have been using forms of CSS positioning for many years, we covered it back in 2005. Back in 2005 it was more important because Google looked at your code to understand your page and didn’t render your page then. Since 2014, Google started to render your pages and CSS positioning mattered less.

But there is likely no harm in moving your navigation to the bottom of your source code if you want. In fact, John said before content position on your page doesn’t matter.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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