Google Says To Maximum Video Exposure, Create Dedicated Page For Each Individual Video

Google has updated its video best practices search help documentation to add a section about creating a dedicated page for each video. Google said “to give your videos maximum exposure, create a dedicated page for each video.”

Google added that you want to make sure that the “video is the most prominent subject on the page.” The means, put the video at the top of the page, in the most visible portion of the page. This is new updated guidance and recommendations on the relatively new SEO video best practices help document.

In fact, to obtain features in Google Search like Key Moments, the Live Badge, and other rich result formats in Google Search, Google said a page with a video in this spot is required. Google wrote “some features require that type of video page, including Key Moments, the Live Badge, and other rich result formats.”

Google added that it is also “fine to include the same video on both a dedicated page and its original page alongside other information, like a news article or a product detail page.”

Here is a sample of where Google recommends you place your video:

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