Google Says You Can Still Get HTTPS Ranking Boost With Other Poor Page Experience Signals

Darcy Burk asked John Mueller of Google if you still get the HTTPS ranking boost if you have HTTPS, but all your other page experience signals are poor. So your core web vitals are horrid but your URLs are over HTTPS, do you lose out on the HTTPS ranking boost which is part of the page experience update?

John Mueller said no, you would still get the HTTPS ranking boost even if you have poor core web vitals or other page experience update signals. John told Darcy, “my understanding is that the HTTPS aspect would essentially be parallel.” Like, each signal within the page experience update is kind of its own and you can benefit on each one individually – you don’t have to win on all of them.

This came up at the 6:28 mark in this video, here is the video followed by the transcript:

DARCY BURK: So a question about the page experience update. So in order for a page to benefit from the page experience update, it needs to have all the marks, right? It needs to have a mobile-friendly HTTPS, and then either needs improvement, I guess, or good Core Web Vitals score Is that correct?

JOHN MUELLER: Yes. Exactly the graph.

DARCY BURK: Yeah. So if previously, before the page experience update, you had a URL that was benefiting from HTTPS, whatever little benefit that is, once the page experience update rolled out, and say that URL had a bad core web vital status, would then it have lost whatever little benefit it got from HTTPS, because now it doesn’t qualify for the page experience update?

JOHN MUELLER: I don’t think so. I mean, I haven’t checked specifically on that. But my understanding is that the HTTPS aspect would essentially be parallel.

DARCY BURK: Sorry… We still hold onto it?

JOHN MUELLER: Yeah, yeah.

Hat tip to Glenn Gabe who called this out on Twitter:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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