Google Search Algorithm Updates Are More Extreme This Year

Mordy Oberstein from Semrush came out with some data proving I am not insane or crazy, at least, when it comes to my reports on the Google search ranking algorithm updates. Yes, I have been reporting on these updates more this year than previous years, but for good reason, the search results are more volatile this year than previous years.

By how much are the Google search results volatile this year than previous years? Well, according to Semrush data 68% more volatile on the desktop results and 84% more volatile on the mobile results than the previous year. That is a lot, a lot.

Mordy posted a lot of charts and data on Twitter from the Semrush dataset to show it.

Desktop 2020 vs 2021:

click for full size

Mobile 2020 vs 2021:

click for full size

I am going to embed Mordy’s tweets because he did all the work to prove I am not off my rocker…

In conclusion:

Anyway, it is nice to have data to back up all these stories. Thanks Mordy, even though I didn’t ask for the back up – good to have it.

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