Google Search Console Performance Report Is Stuck

This morning I’ve been noticing a lot of complaints about the Google Search Console Performance report being delayed and data not fully being represented. It seems to be a global issue and even John Mueller of Google confirmed there is an issue at the moment.

The issue is that the data seems to have stopped collecting on August 23rd and it looks like some sites saw huge declines in clicks and impressions on August 23rd. It is just a reporting glitch and hopefully Google will be able to backfill the data.

Google posted a notice on this page for August 23rd and 24th saying “An internal problem caused a data loss in Search and Discover performance during this period. Users might see a significant data drop in their performance reports during this period. This does not reflect any drop in clicks or impressions for your site, only missing data in Search Console.”

Here is what it looks like for some:

click for full size

Here are some of the complaints on Twitter:

John Mueller of Google replied to two of these complaints saying the team is aware:

So don’t worry, it is being worked on and it seems to be a reporting glitch.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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