Google Search Has No Objective Metric For What Is Adult Content

Google’s John Mueller said that the search company does not have “objective metric for adultness.” He said if you need to have some sort of direction on what Google Search would consider adult content that might be filtered by SafeSearch, use the content policies help document as a “rough classification” for that.

John said this on Twitter “There’s no objective metric for “adultness”. If you’re doing this for SafeSearch, I’d use the rough classifications at… I don’t know the details of News. For Search, small parts wouldn’t skew the bigger picture.”

Here are those tweets in context with Lily Ray’s questions:

The content policies help document defines sexual content as “content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Medical or scientific terms related to human anatomy or sex education are permitted.”

I am not sure how helpful that is – but that is what John is saying would filter out content with Google’s SafeSearch.

Danny Sullivan from Google responded as well:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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