Google Still Recommending Disavowing Whole Domains For Some Bad Links

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter “disavow the whole domain if you know there’s an issue with some of its links.” He said there is “no need to be exact when everything on a site is bad from your point of view.” This reminds me of the advice from Matt Cutts to use the disavow link tool as a machete, not a fine tooth comb back in 2013.

Here is John’s tweet:

Now, keep in mind, Google has said that they have seen the disavow tool hurt sites because they are used too widely. But I think that is not because they disavow a whole bad site, but because they are disavowing links that were actually helping them. Using the disavow tool as a machete, in a wide spread approach for a domain, if you know those links are not helping you (not sure how you would know exactly) then it won’t hurt. But if you disavow one link that is helping you, sure – that can hurt.

Overall, you probably do not need to bother with the disavow, but you can – according to Google.

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