Google Structured Data Markup Helper Tool Is Outdated

In 2013, Google launched its Structured Data Markup Helper tool to help site owners mark up their content with structured data without having to know how to code. Well, the tool is outdated, as you’d imagine. Even Caio Barros from Google confirmed the tool is “a bit outdated” and any requested updates to it can take time.

Caio Barros from Google was responding to a request about an issue with the tool. He said “I’m checking with the team if this inconsistency is in the docs or in the RRT.” Then afterwards he added “but, just to setup expectations here: the Structured Data Markup Helper is a bit outdated in relation not only to this but other Structured Data features that Google supports. I suspect it will take longer to get fixed.”

Here is what the tool looks like, which is not much different from when it launched:

click for full size

You can access the tool at

Just don’t expect it to work flawlessly.

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