Google Top Stories Images Broken & Blank

Google’s top stories carousel is not loading all the images for those articles. It seems like a bug is causing some of the images to not show up as of early this morning.

I’ve received numerous reports of this in the morning (I thought I’d sleep in until 6:30 since I am on a family vacation but this is big). I am able to replicate this, see the WSJ image not loading here (click to enlarge):

click for full size

Here are other reports sent to me:

So this seems like a bug on Google’s end, tons of publishers are impacted and I suspect Google will fix this soon.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Google’s John Mueller said it seems to be an issue on Google’s end:

Update 2: At 9:20am ET, this is still an issue:

Update 3: Google’s official channel confirmed the issue now:

Update 4: At 5pm ET, the issue is still not resolved:

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