Google Video On Blocking CSS Files, Updating Sitemaps, Deleting RSS & More

Google’s John Mueller posted a two minute video answering four SEO related questions on the topics of blocking CSS files, how to update a sitemap, deleting RSS files and reintroducing a site into Google Search. Most are pretty basic SEO questions, I guess that is why he answered them all in about two minutes.

Here is the video:

Here are the four questions:

(1) Can blocking CSS files in robots.txt cause any issues?

(2) How should I update the sitemap for my website? Is there a step by step guide?

(3) What is the correct way to reintroduce a site to Google?

(4) Is it helpful to delete the RSS feeds so the Googlebot can crawl the pages more easily?

Just an FYI, Google has been telling us not to block the CSS/JS files from Googlebot for almost ten years now.

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