Google Web & Local Ranking Update, Reporting Indexing Issues, Recognizing Authors & A Bit Of A Rant

This past weekend, maybe around the 23rd of April, we saw another Google ranking update and also there has been a lot of local fluctuations as well. Google released a new tool to report indexing issues to the company, and John Mueller shared some specific details with one SEO that was interesting. Google’s Gary Illyes explained why many pages do not get indexed in the first place. John Mueller went into more detail on how Google recognizes authors without authorship. Google is ditching the Q&A on Google which was a popular search feature in India. Google released its web spam report for 2020, I shared some of those highlights. I went on a rant about DA, domain authority and how it is ruining everything. There is no such thing as a dofollow attribute, sorry. Google’s Martin Splitt spoke about a lawyer on top of the web rendering service. Google said the “find results on” another search provider carousel is algorithmic. Google’s John Mueller is being consistent by saying consistency is important for SEO. Google is showing more and larger product images in search. Microsoft Bing is testing a sticker related search refinement filer on the footer. Google tests a more specific searches search box. Google Ads released version 7.0 of the API. Google also announced the old Google AdWords API will sunset in about a year from now. Google upgraded its travel search features this week. Google earnings report showed its ads earnings were up 32%, Microsoft Bing search ads earning were up 17% and oh, it is 30% more costly to buy Facebook ads. Oh and if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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