Matt Rogerson Dissects Why The Guardian Outranks The Sun and Mail Online In Google Search

Matt Rogerson, the Director of public policy at Guardian Media Group, posted a Twitter thread dissecting why he believes the claims from The Sun and Mail Online about Google Search mistreating them, are false. He then spent time going through why Google does not rank them well – and it might be heavily around author bylines.

Matt referenced this story on the Press Gazette named The Sun and Mail Online believe they aren’t getting fair share of Google search traffic. Matt then references at least two reasons why The Sun and Mail Online don’t rank as well in Google Search by The Guardian and other publications. Those reasons are:

(1) Speed issues
(2) Issues with original, in-depth, and investigative reporting

The speed issues are easy and I personally doubt it is the main reason why any news organization would not see nice rankings in Google Search. But here is his tweet on that:

It is the original, in-depth, and investigative reporting issues that I found most revealing. In short, it seems like the majority of the news stories The Daily Mail posts are without named authors, named bylines. Matt cites the search quality raters guidelines:

Then he digs into categories of stories and who wrote those stories. Here is how he did it:

Here is what he came up with:

Look at how small the “named byline” slice of the pie is. I am not sure how it compares to The Guardian or other publications but honestly, I am shocked to see this number to be so low.

His conclusion:

What do you all think? Is this the power of bylines or just that this is one signal that the content was not “original, in-depth, and investigative reporting.”

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