Most SEOs Saw No Changes With The Google November 2021 Core Update

Marie Haynes posted another poll asking SEOs what they saw from the Google November 2021 Core Update now that the update is finished rolling out. Most, like 60% of the SEOs that responded said they saw “no obvious change.”

The poll had over 450 responses, which is less votes that her last poll, but still, I find these polls fun.

Here is the Twitter poll:

Here is the breakdown if you remove the “other/see comments”:

  • 60% said no obvious change
  • 21% said obvious improvement
  • 19% said obvious decline

The one point that is needed is that this is a tiny sampling of SEOs and sites that potentially could have been impacted. I assume the true impact is less than 2% of sites in Google’s search results, but that is a wild guess. Finally, if a site was impacted, it will feel huge, like 20 to 90% changes in traffic for the better or worse.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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