New Google PageSpeed Insights Is Live

Yesterday, Google began to rollout the revamped and new PageSpeed Insights at its new home at It has a bunch of user interface changes to make the reporting easier to use and understand and some changes under the hood as well.

Yes, Google announced this on November 3rd but it did not show up until yesterday.

Google made a bunch of UI changes including:

(1) Clear separation of field and lab data:

click for full size

(2) Labels for mobile and desktop performance:

click for full size

(3) Origin Summary UI:

click for full size

(4) Field and lab sharing card:

click for full size

(5) Expand view

click for full size

(6) Page image / screenshot moved:

click for full size

And much more – so check out their blog post here and give the tool a new try.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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