Offline For Shavout 5781 Monday & Tuesday, May 17th & 18th

This is a programming note that I will be 100% offline Monday and Tuesday, May 17th and May 18th for the Shavout holiday. I technically go offline Sunday night through Tuesday night.

There may or may not be scheduled stories here for Monday and Tuesday but none of those stories will be written between Sunday night through Tuesday night. If anything is posted here, posted on Twitter or other places, they would have been pre-written before May 17th.

I have several stories scheduled – I hope you like them but if not feel free to catch up on the weekly video news recaps and the search vlog archives. While you are at it, subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Twitter @rustybrick, connect with me on LinkedIn, send me tokens via Patreon and at the top right of this page, add your email in that box to subscribe to the newsletter.

Have a great holiday if you are celebrating and enjoy Google I/O on Tuesday.

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