Over 50% Of SEOs Said COVID Didn’t Change How They Do SEO

J Turnbull posted a poll on Twitter asking SEOs if COVID changed how you do SEO. Like any SEO poll, the results were somewhat mixed. But of the 259 responses (not a ton), 52.5% said no, COVID did not change how they do SEO.

21.6% said COVID did change how they do SEO and 22% said “it depends.” 🙂

Here is the tweet:

There were some new structured data changes around COVID, that may apply here. Like curbside, inventory changes, medical information, and a ton of changes with Google My Business. So that may apply on the technical changes front.

On the business side, I have to imagine SEOs were impacted in some ways related to COVID. Some lost clients, some gained huge budgets and some lost. Now, people are dealing with employee shortages.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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