Quiet Week After The Google Link Spam Update But Maybe A Blip Happening Now

On Monday, Google announced a new algorithm update named the link spam update. I’ve been following the SEO chatter both in the public white hat and black hat forums, and the chatter is super limited. Very few SEOs are saying they saw ranking declines or improvements since the announcement. But now, I see some of the tracking tools noticing changes as of this morning.

So a few days after Google announced it, and Google did say it will be a two week rollout, we are seeing some signs of ranking fluctuations from the tools. I am not yet seeing much chatter from the SEO forums. But maybe that will come later.

It is not clear if these fluctuations being picked up by the tools are directly related to the link spam update or something else.

Again, I am watching a lot of the SEO chatter and it has been very limited chatter. But here are what the tools are showing this morning:


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Advanced Web Rankings:

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Some of the other tools have yet to update this morning.

Keep in mind, this might not be anything related to the link spam update – it might be something else causing the fluctuations in Google Search?

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