SEOs Split On Doing Blackhat SEO

Marie Haynes ran a poll that asked SEOs “do you do any SEO you’d consider Blackhat?” The results were pretty 50/50, about half said they do not do any black hat SEO and 28% said they do, and 23% said they do “maybe a little” black hat SEO.

The poll was on Twitter and only received 213 responses, so it is hard to say how representative it is. Plus, I do like how Marie worded it, asking it in a way that lets the person responding define what they consider to be black hat.

Here is the poll:

If you take out the “other/see results”, the results look more like this:

Do you think this is how it looks across the whole SEO job? I would think it is more like 10% doing some black hat SEO?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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