Which Search Engine Can Compete With Google Poll? DuckDuckGo, Bing, Brave Or Neeva

Brodie Clark posted a poll on Twitter that has about nine-hundred responses, asking “which search engine has the best chance of competing with Google over the next 10 years?” The search engine that got the most votes was DuckDuckGo, beating out Microsoft Bing.

I am surprised, I personally voted for Microsoft since they really are the closest to Google in terms of having the smarts, algorithms, resources and capabilities of really competing with Google. But, if you are like me, all you hear on radio ad commercials (if you listen to the radio) are commercials from DuckDuckGo – including one targeting JohnMu:

That being said, the results have DuckDuckGo with about 45% of the votes, Bing with about 37% of the votes, Brave with 13% of the votes and Neeva with 5% of the votes.

Here is the poll:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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